Chocolate Thai Cannabis Oil 1 gram

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Chocolate Thai Cannabis Oil

Price :$45

Minimum Order Quantity: 8 grams

Strain type: Sativa

Oil Extraction Method: Sub-critical CO2

Total THC: (THC THCa): 42.87%

Total CBD: (CBD CBDa): 6.08%

Total Cannabinoids: 56.13%



Chocolate Thai Cannabis Oil

 Chocolate Thai cannabis oil is an absolutely Sativa landrace that has a high-quality terpene profile, giving it its chocolate flavor. Thanks to the mixture of its flavor, coffee-colored buds, and a cerebral high that despatched users floating. A legendary landrace strain from Thailand, Chocolate Thai first made an appear in the U.S. in the future in the Nineteen Sixties as “Thai sticks,” spindly flowers tied to a bamboo stick that were renowned for their advantageous high. Old collegeheads understand these buds as slim and airy, medium-to-dark brown in color, and possessing a special chocolate-coffee aroma.Effects encompass feeling relaxed, focused, talkative, happy, and euphoric.